Powder Coating

Powder Coating is the process of applying a very durable and protective cosmetic finish to metal parts. It is an environmentally friendly process that has seen a remarkable increase in use and has become the preferred method for finishing metal parts.

Parts receive an electrostatic charge that causes the powder to be drawn to the surface and to firmly adhere once attached. Throughout our powder coating shop, spray-to-waste booths allow quick color changes to save you money on shorter production runs while our spray-to-reclaim booths allow the over-sprayed powder to be reclaimed on larger production runs. This results in a lower cost to produce your part.

State-of-the-art electronic controls maintain wash temperatures, water flow, moisture venting, conveyer speed, and stable oven temperatures to ensure a consistent and durable cure. Parts that are too large to run on the conveyer system can have the powder coating cured in one of our batch ovens.

We are constantly adding new colors and textures to our wide variety of durable, chemical resistant, and cosmetically appealing colors and formulations for maximum protection of your parts. Custom colors may also be formulated for your unique product. Existing colors may also be matched.

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